Free is free


Free will always be free

Or so I thought. The proxy server in the Emirates has restricted Access to the whole of the Fortunecity domain, so I have moved my pages to and this is where any new additions will be. These pages on the fortune city domain will no longer be updated.

Registered Undernet User

You will find me on the Undernet in channel #Dubai with my cyber friends,
or in #mIRC or #mIRCHhelp


This is where you download mIRC


#Dubai channel Home page
#mIRCHelp Home page
Pictures of old man Free
Other funny pictures
Some fun aliases for mIRC v5.31
Scripts of course
Advanced Scripts :)
Some mIRC links

One of the funniest pages i have come across
Etisalat with their usual profound stupidity
had blocked access to this totally harmless yet so funny site.
But with a bit of creative thinking
it's open to us all again.


Not all Buttons have to be pressed.



Don't e-mail me on: cause i won't have time to reply

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Last updated on 18 July 1998